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Alvin Ching,Catherine Khor
To spread the health and happiness to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE

Before joining Happy Grains, Alvin Ching and Catherine Khor had been engaged in the direct selling industry and seafood wholesale business for more than ten years. We have a deep relationship with the founder of Happy Grains, Dr. Go Kiam Seng.

By chance, we learned that Dr. Go intends to build a platform to promote healthy grains. After discussion, we realized that Happy Grain not only can help people gain healthy, it can also become a long-term business. In addition, we face the reality that the income of the seafood wholesale business is unstable. For married couples with three children and an unborn baby, it is difficult and stressful to abandon our seafood business and join a new business at this time. Hence, we can only seize these two opportunities at the same time.
Catherine Khor shared many unforgettable stories that happened in the early stage of promoting Happy Grains,  ["After the seafood wholesale business in the afternoon is over, we will sell canned Happy Grains at the night market. The night market is a high-traffic location and is the fastest way to increase brand awareness. Sometimes, we have a very tight schedule. After picking up the kids from school, we will go to the night market together. When we go back home at night, we can fall asleep as soon as we lie down. "]

Fortunately, the tough days did not last long. After discussion, we decided to follow in the founder's footsteps and devote ourselves to Happy Grains business. Alvin Ching also turned the seafood wholesale business into a part-time job and then slowly let go. Based on the our experience in wholesale business, we immediately targeted the merchants, visited them one by one, and proposed to store the Happy Grains products at their retailers for sale.
It is inevitable for people to discriminate an unknown brand. [We believe that Happy Grains is an ethical product with a reasonable price. Our family and children drink it every day. When facing doubts from the merchants, I will tell them carefully about the advantages and missions of Happy Grains. As long as you believe me, the sales of the products will increase indefinitely in the future .]

Alvin Ching's bold statement is to gain the favor of the merchants and remind himself to strive for the goals set by the team all the time.

We opened Happy Grains stores in Taman Tangling Indah, Simpang Ampat. This is the first Happy Grains wholesale store in Malaysia to serve more customers and provide comprehensive after-sales service.
The real "Power of the seeds"

Happy Grains has an impressive slogan "Power of the seeds", which not only summarizes the effect of a cup of Happy Grains in a simple sentence, but also reflects the entrepreneurial spirit behind Happy Grains. We started to educate the team on healthy eating through the platform.

We joined the health care industry in 2003, and love health care life and way, is the cause, is in the health care field deep plowing;

However, when one does something well with one's heart, even ordinary people can burst out unexpected power.

In year 2015, "Happy Grains" was promoted by many platforms to become the best example of helping every family and every person have the ability to sustain their health care.
We offer products that are designed for your health and provide rich and varied nutrients needed for growth and development that suitable for everyone. Our Happy Grains products are all natural and curated without any GMO, colorings, preservatives, and added sugar. This is a must-have whole grain nutrition breakfast meal replacement for every household.

The main business is wholesale and retail. B2B, B2C 
and O2O provide entrepreneurial platforms and opportunities for people with consensus thinking to start a business and promote health awareness to consumers.

Quality assurance, affordable prices, good service are our mission and become our brand positioning in the market. We put our customers at the forefront of our minds and provide everyone with online and offline services for convenience purchase and professional product consultation. Consumers can eat and buy with peace of mind.

Our business has grown steadily through continuous efforts and perseverance. After more than a year, with the efforts of the team and word-of-mouth strategy, our sales have exceeded 2,000,000. We lead people towards a healthy diet lifestyle.

We believe that a healthy family is a happy family!

The cooperatives include hospitals, kindergarten, coffee shops, Chinese Medical hall and Pharmacies, Organic/Vegetarian Shops, Agents, Marketing Members, Partners. At the same time, we sincerely invite major institutions, schools, hotels, the beauty industry, etc., to promote healthy eating habits together. We wish to promote a family culture where every family has a member who understands healthy diet management.

Health is priceless wealth. Take care of It.  Let us build together to create a healthy diet lifestyle and happy life.
Since 2003, 18 years in the Healthcare industry, we know that nutritional preventive medicine can help people gain health. Both of us and our families are the best beneficiaries.

Although health care is significant, but not everyone can afford it.

Many people know that grains have high nutritional value. But because of less tasty, some people rarely drink or wait until they are sick or have no appetite.

In 2015, we were optimistic about the Grains market, because grains can meet people's nutritional intake needs and will be a necessity for everyone in the future.

Sales of 2,000,000 cans in 6 years! Happy Grains can stand out in a competitive market because more and more consumers fall in love with our delicious Happy Grains. Our Happy Grains products are economical and affordable, people can easily and conveniently take in balanced nutrition.

The way to make nutritious grains taste good and drink them every day is a key factor. We have established online and offline stores to provide you with a full range of consulting services.

We are a Happy sharer with a strong sense of responsibility. We want to bring health to every family, let everyone have a drink every day, and create a century-old enterprise.

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